Artist FAQs

Welcome to ShinyArt!

As a contributing artist to ShinyArt, you are participating in a movement that changes the way people view, interact with, and think about art in everyday spaces. One of the best things about ShinyArt is that it has the potential to provide you with royalties every month, based on the number of downloads that your work receive from private and institutional clients.

How do I submit work for approval to ShinyArt?

Follow the “Sign up” link from the home page and register as an artist. You will be prompted to submit a URL address of your work for review and approval. It should not take longer than one week to hear back from ShinyArt about your approval.

What is the next step once I am approved as a contributing artist?

An email explaining the upload process will be sent to you along with your approval. You will upload this approved work along with a current bio, thoughtful description of the work, plus keywords. Keep in mind that ShinyArt does represent a paradigm shift in how people view, experience, and rent art, and that it may take time to develop a following of ShinyArt customers to your work. To ensure audience traction and maximum exposure, ShinyArt encourages artists to upload a diversity of work. As a contributor, you will be bound by the Artist’s Supply Agreement which stipulates that you own the rights to any material that you upload to the ShinyArt website. Please familiarize yourself with its contents and contact ShinyArt if you have any questions or concerns.

If I have had one work approved, do I need subsequent work also approved?

No – once you have been approved as a ShinyArt contributor, you are encouraged to upload new work to the website. However, ShinyArt does reserve the right to take down work that does not adhere to the quality and integrity of the other artwork found on the site. You will receive a notice if one of your videos has been taken down.  Please keep in mind that the ultimate use of your work is on a high definition flat screen television - the quality and resolution of ALL of your work should be appropriate for this usage. What can and cannot be uploaded? From a content point of view, we encourage you to submit any work of high quality that you think will have an impact on ShinyArt audiences. If you are solely interested in appealing to individuals, your options for content are practically limitless. If you are interested in displaying your work in public spaces, (which is a major focus for ShinyArt) challenging work is welcome, but you need to consider the types of public venues that will use ShinyArt on a regular basis. These might be restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, spas, etc.  We will work to try and place your work in an appropriate setting, but cannot guarantee that it will meet the needs of our institutional clients. Please note that the content of your work must meet the legal stipulations outlined in the Artist’s Supply Agreement , to which you must agree as a contributing member. Any violation of this contract will result in action from ShinyArt and you will be held accountable. See the Agreement for further details. ShinyArt reserves the right to remove from the site any work that is deemed offensive and inappropriate for public viewing.

How can I keep track of my downloads?

You will receive regular updates from ShinyArt letting you know about your downloads. At any time, however, you can login to your account and monitor your downloads.  

Is there a way to find out where my videos are being used?

If your work is used in the context of an institutional subscription that is specifically curated by ShinyArt, then we will be able to let you know where the work is being used. If you are interested in this information, please send a specific request to ShinyArt at with “Video Use” in the subject line.

Please be advised however that apart from institutional curated content, there is no way to monitor how or where your work is being used by our members. All members (even international) are beholden to our Membership Agreement, Terms of Use, and Content License Agreement and will follow the regulations outlined in these documents.

Can I take down work and post new work?

Using your username and password, you will be able to post new work. If you would like to take work down, a separate notice will need to be sent to ShinyArt at so that we can keep track of what is available. If you anticipate taking something down in the near future, do let us know so that we can inform members of its limited availability.

How do I improve my downloads?

If your keywords are too specific, your work will not be turning up in broad searches. You can adjust these easily by logging into your account. You also might want to take a look at the comment walls (in development) of other artists so that you have a sense of who the ShinyArt audience is, and what they are looking for.  Feel free to contact ShinyArt about this too and we may be able to offer suggestions: