Royalty Structure

What is the ShinyArt royalty structure?

Your percentage of royalties is based on the number of times your work is rented by ShinyArt clients. Royalities are calculated per artwork and are not cumulative across your collection of work.

1-300 downloads = 20% royalty
300-500 downloads = 25% royalty
500+ downloads = 30% royalty

As per the Artist’s Supply Agreement, please note that artwork used for the purposes of marketing and promoting ShinyArt and its artists does not include artist royalties. Artwork included in ShinyArt promotions and discounted rates may involve discounted royalties.

How do I request a payout?

As per the Artist’s Supply Agreement, all royalties will be paid to artist contributors on a monthly basis, provided such fees aggregate a minimum of US$100. Otherwise, fees owing will be retained until they exceed such minimum.  If you would like to close your account and request a payout of outstanding fees, please contact and we will process your request as soon as possible.