Why become a ShinyArt artist?

Why become a ShinyArt artist?

As a contributing artist to ShinyArt, you are participating in a movement that changes the way people view, interact with, and think about art in everyday spaces. If you are interested in breaking down gallery walls and exploring the public accessibility of your work, then ShinyArt is for you. We are taking advantage of cutting-edge flat screen technology so that art can become the content of choice for millions of viewers around the world.

One of the best things about ShinyArt is that it has the potential to provide you with royalties every month, based on the number of downloads that your work receives. When we go out and promote your work for display in public (ie. hotels, restaurants), and private (ie. personal homes) spaces, we are working for you so that your bottom line increases along with our own.

Once you register, you will see the important legalities involved in all of these transactions. Protecting you and your work is our utmost consideration; all members/buyers at ShinyArt must agree to a Content License Agreement, Membership Agreement, and Terms of Use doc. You will also see our Artist's Supply Agreement that ensures your smooth partnership with ShinyArt.

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Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you soon!