How It Works

Welcome to ShinyArt!

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between video art and your flat-screen television.

We believe in the public accessibility of contemporary art and in using technology to introduce and excite new audiences specifically with video art.  By following these easy steps, you will have access to artwork created by visual and sound artists, and filmmakers from around the world. You can find this work in galleries, museums, in film festivals and at special screenings, but only here do you have the option of displaying these images in your own home or corporate space.  

Step One


Wander through our database of artwork using keywords, specific themes, or scroll through our list of artists. Use your own search terms to delve into our collection, or click on "Browse" to search by artist or general theme.

If you don't see something you like, or you think your favorite artist should be on ShinyArt, drop us a line and we'll try to fix it!

Step Two

Add to Cart

When you add to your cart, you choose a rental period of one day, one- or three-month periods. This period is activated NOT from your purchase, but from the first time you play the video. 

Step Three


At checkout, you will be prompted to register with ShinyArt. Membership is free and your membership information will not be made available to the public or sold. See our Privacy Policy for further verification. All credit card information is stored on a secure server.


Step Four


You now have a secure account with ShinyArt and your artwork is in your personal "locker". When you choose, simply stream the video to your internet-enabled television. See Technical Requirements for assistance with this. The artwork will play in a loop unless you change the settings.

What happens at the end of my rental?

At the end of your rental plan, you have the option of easily renewing the plan and downloading another work of art to keep your space looking up-to-date! If you choose to let your plan elapse, your video art will no longer function after the stipulated time.

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Technical Requirements

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