Member FAQs

Why Use ShinyArt?

ShinyArt's video art can be used to:

  • Create a cutting-edge aesthetic in bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs
  • Improve the design in corporate spaces and lobbies
  • Draw consumer attention to video ad screens
  • Create a unique look to a staged room or property
  • Provide a centerpiece to an event or party
  • Enhance a room by transforming a large blank screen into a work of art

Can I receive my video art on another format – such as a DVD or Jumpdrive?

Our goal is to stream video art over the web. However, in certain cases we can send video art out on DVDs or jumpdrives. For more information about this, please contact

How does ShinyArt find video artists?

ShinyArt finds artists through word of mouth, exhibitions, art schools, and general calls for artwork. We are interested in finding diverse forms of video art produced by both emerging and established artists from around the world. Artists are always encouraged to submit multiple examples of work.

ShinyArt is a curated site.

We know you don't want to view hours of video art to find the most cutting-edge stuff, so that is where our experts come in. All artwork submitted to ShinyArt is reviewed to evaluated to ensure high standards of quality and that the work will look great on your flat screen television.

ShinyArt reaches out to its artists – and to the larger community – to find the best match for that client’s needs.

If your favorite artist is not represented here and you think he/she should be, please drop us a line and tell us the name of the artist along with a brief description of their work.