Choosing a purchase plan

You have the option of choosing the following purchase plans:

  • One-day rental (99¢/day)
  • One-month rental ($16.99/month)
  • Three-month rental (@ $14.99/month)
  • One-year subscription (COMING SOON!)

All prices are quoted on a per artwork and per screen basis.

ShinyArt can also curate a selection of video art to fit your specific requirement.

Curating fee:

  • 15% of video art rental fee

You will also have access to our comments and voting system (under development) that allows you to interact with other clients, to highlight your favorite artists, and to tell us what kind of art you want to see more of. Institutional subscriptions are tailored to suit the needs of your organization and include a curatorial fee on top of the regular rental per screen fee. This can include new curated content that works with your corporate messaging delivered at regular intervals. Your organization can have as much, or as little, hand in the selection of artwork as you like. To schedule a free consultation, contact Kristy Phillips at:

How does ShinyArt determine its prices?

ShinyArt is interested in changing the rental art paradigm by offering original artwork at highly competitive prices compared with rental facilities from reputable galleries in the Bay Area.  By keeping rental prices affordable, clients do not have to make a huge investment if they want to refresh a room. Why not use the properties of ShinyArt and the dynamics of your flat screen to redesign your environment as frequently as you redesign yourself?