• Artist: Jordan Wright
  • Bio:

    Jordan Wright is a performance artist and filmmaker from California. His background spans across theater, music, and psychology.

    During his junior year of college Jordan Wright became fascinated by the Surrealist movement and discovered early experimental films made by Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, Germaine Dulac, and Luis Bunuel. Inspired by the unique way these artists used the medium of film, he began experimenting with film technique in his home in Las Vegas.

    His films often explore emotions and thought processes through visual metaphor. His original short film projects have been showcased at festivals and events. The unique style that Jordan has brought to filmmaking has captured the interest of other performers and organizations who have commissioned him to create original promotional videos, teaching & instructional videos, event videos and more.

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Title: Dreaming

This short film is a collection of images that contrasts symbols of beauty with the mundane.

The images were captured on Super 8 Color and Black & White reversal film.