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    Jon 9 works with images from nature and human activity, transforming them into post-digital hyper-sampled multi-dimensional mash-ups.


    " By deconstructing a subject into its constituent elements, then reassembling the pieces into a temporal stream of juxtapositions and enmeshed co-minglings, I hope to capture the essence of a thing  - and then transform it through time.”


    Jon 9 was a founding member of digital art consortium THUNDERGULCH in NYC, a frequent VJ at the Sundance Film Festival and throughout L.A., and is currently an innovator in 3D autostereoscopic art.  His work has appeared recently in exhibitions at the Kellogg Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona; at Projections on Lake, a City of Pasadena Public Art program; and the YOUNGPROJECTS Gallery at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.  He is the creator of FLO – a hi-def video art program broadcast on the 24-hour hi-def video art channel of the VOOM satellite network; and the creator of the VEODOME – an interactive immersive stereoscopic environment.


    As a master of complex display systems, he has created site-specific immersive and presentational digital environments at locations as varied as the lobby of the Guggenheim/Soho in New York, the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum, the stages of Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, and the International Arrivals Terminal at LAX. He recently performed live improvisational filmmaking with jazz legend Lyle Mays at TedX , CalTech.

    Jon 9 frequently collaborates with musicians and artists from many disciplines.  He is currently exploring the creative possibilities inherent in the emerging art of Projection Mapping.

    “Reality is what we can’t see…  that’s why we have art.”  -Jon 9

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Experience the secret life of plants...

A multi-dimensional de-filtration experience of plant energy featuring the inner lives of many exotic succulents from around the world, framed by Andean grasses, moving in the breeze, shot in the Sacred Valley in Peru.  Works well with any music...

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