• Artist: Andrew Benson
  • Bio:

    Andrew Benson is a visual artist and performer based in San Francisco.  His multi-disciplinary work - video, sound works, and performance, as well as painting and installation - has been featured in shows at Berkeley Art Museum, Southern Exposure, LACMA West, and the Museum for Image and Sound in São Paulo. Central to his experimental work is a playful engagement with interconnected systems and feedback, and is the result of complex technological or physical processes.

    Within the technical abstract spaces, a clumsy or self-conscious human presence challenges the purely analytical and synthetic nature of digital representation. As an extension to studio work, Andrew Benson has worked as Video Designer/Director for a number of touring musical acts.  He has been teaching electronic media courses at SFAI since 2008 and creates content for Cycling '74 Software.

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Title: Popsicle